Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla

Ice skating is one of the most sought-after activities in Shimla and India’s only natural ice skating rink.

Christ Church stands out as a stunning piece of neo-gothic architecture in Shimla. Featured on numerous postcards of Shimla postcards and boasting stained glass windows symbolizing charity, fortitude, hope, and faith within its walls – it truly deserves recognition on Shimla postcards!

1. Summer Hill

Summer Hill is an undiscovered treasure of Shimla. Home to charming residences and a lush green forest, Summer Hill also boasts the well-known temple of Goddess Tara.

Shimla Hilltop offers the ideal environment for meditation or simply appreciating nature’s serenity, making it one of the top attractions during summer months in Shimla.

It was once the retreat for Viceroys during the years leading up to independence, offering stunning views from a distance and popular with photographers and Instagrammers alike. Today it remains an attractive location.

2. Fagu

Fagu is a tranquil town set just off of Shimla’s main streets, home to lush apple orchards and dense Deodar and pine forests – along with wooden houses clinging onto hillside slopes.

Fagu is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts, budget travelers and families looking for some solitude to unwind and find peace. A visit to Fagu is one of the best things to do in Shimla during winters when it becomes completely covered in snow – not to mention being an amazing spot to witness sunrise and sunset with stunning mountainous backdrop views!

3. Chadwick Falls

Craignano is an idyllic setting for nature enthusiasts. Boasting lush pine and oak trees, clear waters streams, and vibrant flower fields – Craignano provides visitors with an exquisite experience that no other destination can match.

Chadwick Falls are one of nature’s breathtaking sights that beckon visitors back again and again to visit this delightful site. They were first known by locals as Chidku Jhaar; Britishers later changed this name to Chadwick Falls to reflect its beauty. Tourists come flocking here from far and wide. This gorgeous sight mesmerizes visitors who return time after time!

After monsoon season has passed, this splendid waterfall offers visitors a more beautiful and breathtaking experience. Offering respite and solace from their travels.

4. Christ Church

Christ Church stands as one of the finest examples of colonial architecture on The Ridge and is also one of Northern India’s two oldest churches, featuring five stained glass windows depicting Christian virtues such as Charity, Humility, Fortitude Faith and Patience.

At Church Street Church you’ll find an ideal environment to unwind and connect spiritually, with its breathtaking vista being particularly stunning when lit up at night. Plus you can take some stunning photographs here too! It is easily accessible as public buses and taxis connect directly to it from the city center.

5. Scandal Point

Built by Sir Swinton Jacob, this breathtaking structure should be included as part of your visit to Shimla. Boasting French Gothic influences on both exterior and interior aspects, its interior boasts breathtaking ambiance.

Scandal Point on Mall Road boasts a captivating tale that inspired its name: it was from here that Viceroy’s daughter eloped with Maharaja of Patiala, sparking scandalous events which are still remembered today. Additionally, here you’ll find Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue.

Lakkar Bazar is renowned for selling souvenirs such as wooden toys and walking sticks, making it a shopping paradise. Additionally, Lakkar Bazar is known for serving tasty cuisine such as aloo tikki and chole bhature dishes.

6. Gaiety Theatre

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is one of Shimla’s premier tourist spots, transporting you back in time with its historical charm. Designed by Henry Irwin – one of Britain’s premier architects – this place will appeal to history enthusiasts alike.

It features exquisite Gothic architecture style, making it one of only six buildings worldwide with such style. Its Victorian theatre has hosted performances by legends such as Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Baten Powel and Rudyard Kipling; admission is free but outside food cannot be brought inside.

7. Shimla State Museum

Himachal State Museum in Shimla is an essential stop for history enthusiasts, boasting an impressive collection of military tools and weapons from across history as well as Indian Army ethos, historical coins and more.

The Gaiety Theatre, built in neo-gothic style, offers incredible views of both the city and surrounding mountains and forests. A perfect spot to unwind with a cup of hot coffee. Plus you could catch live performances here too.

8. Green Valley

Green Valley, famed for its lush forest cover and vibrant floral displays, is a beloved picnic site as well as Instagram-worthy location. Instagrammers and Vloggers alike come here for its scenic charm; viceroys would even stay here during summers to avoid the heat of city living.

Tattapani’s hot sulphur springs are an attractive attraction, said to cure various illnesses. However, take caution as its waters can also attract monkeys which will try their hardest to steal food out of your hands!

9. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

HMI Darjeeling will captivate visitors with its captivating library that boasts books on mountaineering, travel, geography and exploration. Additionally, there is a spacious auditorium where short sports films and lectures take place regularly.

Some temples draw people in because of their religious significance, while others captivate visitors through architectural beauty. Kali Bari Temple in Shimla is an outstanding example of this latter aspect; dedicated to Goddess Kali with an attractive idol depicting her, it makes an unforgettable pilgrimage destination. Don’t miss this wonderful spot when visiting Shimla!

10. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary provides home for many distinct fauna and birds. Cheer Pheasant, Goral, Himalayan Palm Civets, Indian Wild Bears are just a few species found here in abundance.

Kufri Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh is renowned for receiving abundant snowfall during winter season, drawing in visitors looking for skiing and ice skating activities.

Birdwatchers and animal lovers will appreciate this destination. The Himalayan Bird Park located opposite Viceregal Lodge houses exotic birds that attract tourists. Plus, animal lovers must pay a visit!

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